Twitter Assignment

Academics and Podcasting
Today, February 20, 2013, when I visited my Twitter account, I found interesting link from LSEImpactBlog to an article “The Simple Guide to Academic Podcasting: Know Your Audience and Your Schedule”. I thought that it could be interesting for students to know what academic podcasting is but I was disappointed that there was not enough information which could explain how to make podcasting more effective. The author says that academics often use podcasting for a university brand building and communication. Reading this I remember that Rockford College also has radio station, but I have never listened to it. When I ask other students, they also say that they don’t listen to Rockford College Radio. However, a student from student government says that many alumni listen to the radio. Therefore, we can say that radio also can be used for fundraising because many alumni support the school. Consequently, who is the target audience? The author of the article says that different audiences have different expectations. Then, to whom does the RC’s radio broadcast, to students or alumni and donors? Honestly, I don’t know because this information is not official. Anyway, the target audience plays a great role because it determines the effectiveness of podcast. The author also says that audio is more interesting than long readings. Therefore, the author suggests professors sometimes broadcast their lectures. However, I think that this approach is not for every student because according to psychologists there are visual, audio, and mixed types of learners. Therefore, these audio lectures or interviews might not reach a part of the target audience. To respond to the problem academics should make a research of the target audience and its favorite communication tools. Then, communication may be more effective. Thereby, broadcasting might be useful tool of communication, but it should be managed properly.
Online Tutorial
In February 20, 2013 Asao B. Inoue, Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Composition at Fresno State, focusing on writing assessment and race studies, and the WAC Director, shares with a link of the article “University Online Tutorial Is a First in the CSU System”. The article says that online tutorial can be applied to teach students how to write. I think online tutorial could replace office hours.
When I read about it I remember the Rockford College’s Writing Center. I personally often use its services. It helps me understand my mistakes. However, it is not very flexible sometimes because I need to fit to the center’s schedule. Moreover, I need to go to the library. Ok, I live on campus but what about students who don’t. Therefore, new technologies could make this process more flexible. Additionally, the professor wouldn’t sit in the office but be at home and do his or her job. Thereby, I think the online tutorial is a good idea because it provides more flexibility. Moreover, the article also mentions that the program will be coordinated by a professor who provides some feedback. Therefore, I think that this kind of interaction is also admissible and more flexible. Consequently, higher flexibility and similar outcome may change office hours to online tutorial.
( )
Katty Finneran, February 20, 2013, shared with a link of video about PlayStation and gaming. The video is published at Bloomberg and called “Can PlayStation 4 Save Sony?” The video shows that PlayStation changed how people play games. However, Sony didn’t meet its sales forecasts issuing PlayStation 3. Therefore, Sony believes that game market is still big and it is significantly changed. Consequently, Sony is ready to issue PlayStation 4 which allows players to connect their favorite devices with PlayStation and play. I think PlayStation 4 will be released because there is a demand for it. However, even though playing PlayStation is entertaining and exciting for children, many kids suffer from it. I remember in Kyrgyzstan kids who don’t have PlayStation at home ask parents for money and go to play. On the one hand, it is very entertaining and interesting. From another hand, PlayStation reinforces children to ask for money and spend more time playing video games rather than walking, studying, and etc. I think it is the evidence of PlayStation’s popularity, but not its effectiveness.



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