Unity, Nation, Sympathy: September 11, 2001

Unity, nation, sympathy. These words are really touching. However, many people forget about them until something bad happens. I created a piece of music which is dedicated to people who died in the terrorist attack in September 11, 2001. By creating this piece, I would like to demonstrate how people become united when a tragedy happens, but I want to ask you, “Do we need a tragedy to occur in order to feel united and sympathetic towards each other?” By asking this, I would like to remind people that we should support each other, sympathize, and be united as one nation and one family.
While creating this piece of music I didn’t first realize how far I could go and how much I could say in a piece of music. To emphasize the message, I used a sound of the airplane which is taking off, excellent music of Johann Sebastian Bach, and Obama’s touching speech dedicated to September 11, 2001. I think this speech should be heard by every American. Therefore, trying to transfer emotions and ideas of unity and sympathy I always felt different emotions. At that moment I realized that music which has some “background” could be very powerful because it transfers certain ideas and emotions to people. Thereby, we can convey a message and express emotion by creating music that may influence a person more than words.


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