Response to Forum Series

In February 19, 2013 I visited Forum Series’ lecture by CL Lindsay about teens that violate laws using new technologies and possible consequences of it. The speaker is a sports-entertainment specialist and layer. In my response I will share with my thoughts and attitude about the lecture and the illegal violations.

Honestly speaking, when I heard that many college students may do online plagiarism, sexting, online stalking, online harassment, online bullying, and cyber stalking, I was shocked. The first shock is cultural. The second shock is real understanding how much new technologies may hurt the society’s culture, values, and behavior. If we look at this problem, we notice that everything is about communication using digital device. Therefore, it directly relates to digital rhetoric which explores these new phenomena.

Next, this presentation was interesting and persuasive for me because I have never heard about that. I also think that for many college students the lecture was effective and persuasive enough. However, I think that it could have short run effect because later the students may decrease cognitive dissonance saying that they won’t be caught and many young people do that. I made such a conclusion because the speaker said that many students who violated the laws knew that they break the law and they were trying to decrease their cognitive dissonance. However, I don’t want to judge those students because it is not my business. Instead, I can share, in general, with my attitude to these kinds of violations. I think it is absolutely impermissible. Moreover, people who inform college students about violations and possible consequences of it are doing great things. However, the number of violations doesn’t decrease so much. Educators are trying to change people who are physically adult and who have developed outlook and stereotypes. It is very hard to change college students delivering a lecture. Consequently, the lecture may be not very effective and persuasive because these violations continue to happen. Moreover, many college students know that they break the law when they do these things. Additionally, they are trying to find other ways of doing the same things, but not to be caught. Then, we need to think whether we really influence them or not. Maybe we need to look for the roots of these problems such as family, culture, elementary, high school, and college education, and the media. If we start developing higher morals and values when our kids are small, maybe then they won’t do that. I also think that sexual education should be started when kids are attending high school so they could know about all types of violations and consequences. However, it is very hard to do nationwide because it relates to culture and it requires a lot of financing. But if everyone starts from his or her family in one or two decades the situation may change significantly.



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