Explanation of How and Why I Designed the Video for My Rhetorical Analysis #2

First, I would like to say that a video is more effective and interesting to watch than reading scripts. Therefore, I chose to take a video about my rhetorical analysis “Horses Are Friends, but Not Toys or Transportation”. Composing the video of the rhetorical analysis was a real challenge for me because I was supposed to connect different ideas so they could sound like the whole piece. I tried to use different strategies to tell the story. For example, I was trying to tell a story from my childhood about a trip to the mountains in order to ride horses. Then, I wanted to start from the meaning of toys in our lives in order to send a message that many people still confuse real world with the world of toys. Therefore, those people treat animals, in my case horses, as toys rather than friends. However, I couldn’t connect different parts. The first part always was separated from the second; therefore, I decided to take parts from my original text and add some words. In result, I hope that the video piece was connected nicely to be persuasive enough. Moreover, when I reread my analysis aloud, I thought that it didn’t sound very official. To emphasize the fact that the video is not completely official I used very active and unofficial introduction. I think that this video piece should be serious enough so that the target audience could perceive it seriously.
However, the connection of different parts of the text wasn’t the only challenge. Another challenge was to take a video. I used PowerPoint because I am familiar with it in relation to Moviemaker or Sony Vegas. I think that PowerPoint also allows the audience to see and perceive key words visually and listen to the audio piece. I used a classical music of Beethoven to make the video more entertaining. Finally, I hope that I could find a nice combination of the text, style, and music to motivate people to think about their attitude towards horses and animals in general.


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