Today when I was reading “Quentin Tarantino’s Star Wars? Grassroots Creativity Meets the Media Industry” by Henry Jenkins I noticed that many “digital writers” try to raise the issues of content and relationships between producers and fans, people who reflect to media creations. Therefore, we can see that Jenkins mentions two categories of fans: prohibitionists and collaborationists. These two groups influence the content and media companies’ brand names by producing new media content in response to the media companies’ products. This means that fans and media companies inevitably face with two problems. The first problem is loyalty and the second one is control.

Why does it happen? Convergence culture gives power to fans express themselves. However, response can be positive as well as negative. Therefore, I think that this problem can be solved through negotiations between fans and media companies and agreed rules. Otherwise, relationships between fans and media companies might be weaker. As a result of it, the new paradigm of the power fans have will cause more negative content. Finally, nobody will win. This made me think of the question why fans do what they do. Maybe they just love the media characters and they want to express themselves or they like to be a part of convergence culture which is able to offer new solutions to the media content. Then, media companies’ job is to listen to fans/amateur filmmakers and use the feedback in their content. However, Jenkins says that many fans say that media content is too dependent on player-generated content. At the same time, another part of fans say that rules restrict them in expressing themselves. Consequantly, media companies try to draw the line in order to manage and control the content. This is the main problem.

I think that the line could be etical and moral content which doesn’t hurt other people’s believes and ideas. Therefore, I believe that rules and restrictions should exist even though they are not liked by a certain group of fans. I agree that rules and standards restrict creativity and unlimited freedom, but we should understand that democracy also doesn’t mean do what you want to do and don’t take into account what other members of the society feel and think about it. Therefore, the USA has the constitution and hundreds of laws which provide and keep order. Such kind of decisions will always make some people unhappy, but  my argument is that inappropriate content will hurt other people’s feelings and a media company’s brand. Anyway, fans and media companies should generate win-win relationships.


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