Proposal: Social Giant, Facebook, Cannot Guarantee Privacy

Facebook uses individual profiles for gathering all information about our activities and purchases on or through the website no matter from a computer or any other digital device. There are many reasons why Facebook privacy issues are a hot topic nowadays. One of them would be, people don’t like that too much of their private information is available in “public” and used for advertisement, marketing research, and other purposes which limit privacy. However, people like to socialize and entertain at the social platform. We also shouldn’t deny the fact that Facebook Company improves its privacy policy, but at the same time, keeps the right to control its social media platform. At this point we should understand whether attitude toward privacy on Facebook is objective or not. Moreover, what is our understanding of privacy? Does the only Facebook control its social media platform? Can Facebook guarantee privacy? These questions allow us to look at Facebook privacy issues from different perspectives and identify our attitude to it.

I argue that Facebook Company cannot guarantee privacy. Instead, it is a tool of control and we can do nothing with that because the society needs an effective platform for communication and security. Moreover, we should understand that Facebook is a social media business and its nature to make money. Consequently, Facebook Company cannot guarantee absolute privacy because of its nature and the fact that not everything depends on it. As a result of my argumentation, I would like to change people’s attitude toward privacy at social media because we should be realistic and objective.


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