Explanation of rhetorical and design choices made in the project

This is the link to my project.


In my project I discuss Facebook privacy issues claiming that Facebook cannot provide privacy nowadays. I believe that this topic is timely because there are many privacy issues which could be avoided if Facebook users changed their attitude toward Facebook privacy. To persuade my audience who are potential and current Facebook users, I made many rhetorical and design choices. In this statement of goals and choices I will explain the most important choices I made and why I think they may be effective. I will start from the website in general and then explain choices made at every webpage.

The main goal of my Wix website was to persuade the audience to reconsider their attitude toward Facebook privacy even though Facebook Inc. issues new security features. Consequently, I created a website and tried to engage the audience into reading process and make it fun. I made six webpages such as “Home”, “Background”, “Defining Privacy”, “Main Reasons”, “Conclusion”, and “References”. I did it because I feel it would be easier for a reader to follow the text. Moreover, it creates interactivity which may provide fun.

All webpages have black background and white letters of the main text because it creates visual clarity and seriousness. I also used green leafs at the top of every page in order to make the pages look not very dark and boring. This color also matches perfectly to the colors used at the website in general. Additionally, I put purple blobs in order to connect all webpages of the website by similar design and idea. I will explain this idea a little bit more at the next paragraph.

At the first page I created a picture in which I make clear for the audience what I am going to argue about. This picture includes bright colors and a little text in order to eliminate a perception of boring text. I intentionally put a crown into the word “Facebook” and used blobs in order to send a message of the Facebook’s success as a social networking website and, at the same time, hint at possible problems. To make this clear I use a heading of my project, “Facebook Privacy Issues”.

At the pages “Defining Privacy” and “Main Reasons” I used a column which is designed to provide main ideas of the text. I think it will help the audience easily follow the text and find key ideas. I designed the text into the column in dark orange color so it would not distract a reader from the main text.

I also took two videos which are a part of my argument in order to make the website more entertaining and more effective. The videos provide visual evidence of Facebook registration and privacy policy. The videos show the primary source and make the argument persuasive.

In “Conclusion” and “References” I used similar design, but I didn’t use columns because I wanted the text be read as a whole piece.

Finally, I made these choices among many other possible designs and rhetorical choices because I believe the audience likes entertainment and clear statements or ideas. Bright colors and dark colors may make the website interesting visually as well as rhetorically.

To create the website I used Wix software. This software offers many useful applications which help to design the webpages. I also used my friend’s video camera and flesh drive which were necessary for the video. And finally, I used YouTube in order to provide a link to the Wix website.


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